Have a cherry and be merry!
Cine a stat de vorba cu mine in ultimele 2 saptamani stie ca mi s-a pus pata pe Roxette... Ei, am descoperit ieri o melodie de-a lor compusa in 1992... Nu-mi vine sa cred ca au trecut atatia ani si eu de-abia acum aflu de ea... Well, I guess everything happens for a reason!

Deci, imi rupe sufletul in 7 si mi-l arunca in prapastie... Care se pricepe sa citeasca printre randuri, felicitarile mele!

Cantecul suna cam asa:

Iar versurile sunt... Oh, Doamne!

You build it up and teared it down,
There's no reason to follow you.
You left the song without a sound,
You left the story I made for you.
Softly angels bow and cry
In the stillness of the night.

Never is a long time, goodbye.
No answers for the asking.
It's a long time, goodbye.
No mercy for the aching.
It's a long time,
Oh, I see no light on the forsaken.
Never is a long time, goodbye.
Let's spend the night
When this dream has come to an end.

Sometimes you laugh,
Sometimes you cry,
And yes, I've cried over you.
You left me blind in paradise.
You left me hungering for the touch of you.
Snow white angels run and hide
In the blackness of the night.

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5 Responses
  1. Anonim Says:

    Thus came the early morning silver dew
    Trying to take away the bitter taste of you
    Like diamond pieces drop by drop
    I kept on drinking, could't stop...

    As one by one stars fade away
    And two by two birds fly astray
    By three I found my sanctuary
    Came four...
    Yet, nothing's like before.

    One, due, three, four...

  2. Stranger, dar ce se intampla dupa "four"?

  3. Anonim Says:

    Four are the leafs of clover fortune
    Four are the corners where winds fade
    It's four the number of the seasons
    And of the elements that reign

    Four are the eyes that grasp the glowing
    Of almost silent whisper's spark
    When time is still and no more flowing
    You have fear of light or dark.

  4. Just start from zero and maybe you will find new meanings! Zic! :)

  5. Anonim Says:

    True. [smile]

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